CLEAR Generic Munzee Stickers - 7/8" Size - 50 Pack

CLEAR Generic Munzee Stickers - 7/8" Size - 50 Pack

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Fifty CLEAR Generic Munzee QR Code Stickers - 7/8" Size +FREEbies!

Offered here for sale is a lot of fifty CLEAR vinyl Generic Munzee QR Code Stickers. 

These CLEAR vinyl generic munzees are no longer in production. we have a small amount still available.

The QR code measures approximately 7/8" square.
I think this is the perfect size for almost any deploy situation.

These Munzee Stickers are made of high quality, CLEAR vinyl with a thin laminate layer that makes them weatherproof. 

These Munzee Sticker use generic munzee codes not connected with any account. Which means you can share them with friends and family, or give them as a gift. Give a few to players you introduce to the game to help them get started. Once they are deployed, they are attached to the account of the person who deploys them.