Sports Memorabilia

Sports Cards and Memorabilia

It was in the late 1860's that the first baseball cards were issued. Since that long-ago time, collectors have flocked to collecting these as well as other important sports memorabilia. Gold 'n Coins offers a wide selection of sports cards, both older material and newer releases by all of the main suppliers. We also deal in signed sports memorabilia, including photos, balls, bats, hockey sticks, and more. If you're in search of missing pieces for your card collection, or have a sports hero you'd like to display on your wall at home, we're your connection! Chances are, we have just what you're looking for...single cards, packs, or cases!

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...and if You're Selling...

We're buying! If you feel it's time to say goodbye to your sports card collection or your signed sports souvenirs, bring them in to Gold 'n Coins. We will provide a fair offer for your items, particularly if your signed material has been professionally authenticated!

If you're deciding on a hobby that's inexpensive and have a love of sports, sports card collecting can be a fun and interesting choice. Along with the image of the players, important data on their careers is fully covered on the reverse of the card. Drop in to Gold 'n Coins today to look around. We're here to help you explore the joy of collecting!